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When a passionate, articulate writer meets a dance such as Tango, you might expect a remarkable book to be the result, and you would be right. David Turner, a man of  drive and enthusiasm, is also a compulsive writer. He writes daily, for enjoyment, and it shows in the text.

Tango is an addictive dance.  In this fascinating book, the author seeks to share with the reader not only his own obvious love of the dance but the ideas and insights he has derived from several teachers, who have liberated him to be able to enjoy Tango to the full.

Reading this book is a little like being able to pick the brains of an older brother, a year or so up the school ladder. The author has much to say about the learning of Tango, seen from a learner’s point of view. David is thought-provoking and often irreverent.

“Argentine” Tango is an unique, century-old method of body language communication, in which a man and a woman improvise as they are moved by the unique rhythm of the music, their relationship and the moment. The ancient purpose of Tango – that of courtship and the intimate connection of two people – lives on after more than 100 years. Indeed, Tango has not merely survived; it is finding new devotees every day, all over the world.

From complete novices to the “dance of passion” to those who already enjoy it, there is something for everyone to discover here.