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¡Viva el Tango! | A Passion For Tango

¡Viva el Tango!

You know, when I first met Argentine Tango, I was knocked sideways by it. I watched people dancing together and I simply couldn’t see how they did what they did. It wasn’t so much the show dancing on stage; I could envisage those lithe young professional dancers following choreographed routines over and over again until they were inch perfect. No, it was seeing little old couples, all shapes and sizes, in each others’ arms and moving so in unison it took your breath away..

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  1. David Turner
    6 years ago

    May I say how thrilled I am to see the new website up and running hot and cold tango. All I hope is that we can make it a useful site to encourage the world to learn to tango and, naturally, find a book on the subject which helps them understand how to get the most out of this amazing and addictive dance form.

    Viva el tango!

  2. David Turner
    6 years ago

    The creative juices have started to flow once more and words are simply tumbling out of me. I suppose it’s because I feel so strongly about some things that I feel impassioned to write about them in the hope that they will do some good out there.

    What’s the latest thing that’s occupying most of my waking hours, I hear you cry? Why Tango, of course. What else? And the subject matter? Nothing less than the Ten Big Mistakes that People Make when they Learn Tango.

    It’s quite a small booklet, not because there’s so little to say. Oh No! It’s deliberately kept down to a short volume to be crisp and to the point. Not an ounce of fat on it. Punchy, provocative but produced in hope of helping newcomers to Tango avoid a few nasty pitfalls. Well, Ten of them to be precise. It began as the Seven Deadly Sins but soon grew. That’s Tango for you.